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Complete the following details, and your job is done: it's easy to TaxGift! By registering, the amount of the donation tax credits on your donations to Auckland Grammar School will be donated as a gift of money to the Auckland Grammar School Foundation Trust (AGSFT).

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2. We'll sort the paperwork

We'll claim the donation tax credit on all your donations to Auckland Grammar School in this tax year and going forward. They'll be gifted on to the Auckland Grammar School Foundation Trust as a gift of money from you. You authorise and instruct us to prepare, sign and file a donation tax credit claims form with Inland Revenue for your donations to Auckland Grammar School, including an account for the benefit of AGSFT. We won't control any funds on your behalf.

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3. We'll grow your donation

With TaxGift, your gift will grow at no cost to you - you're amazing! Your TaxGifts to AGSFT will create future donation tax credits - we'll claim these and gift them back to AGSFT in your name, until the $5 minimum is reached. You need to be an individual New Zealand tax resident to TaxGift - let us know if you're not or this changes.

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Note: If you have claimed your tax credit for some of the above years but not others and would like to opt in for the unclaimed years, please email TaxGift at


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