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Complete the following details, and your job is done: it's easy to TaxGift! By registering, you'll make an additional donation to I Have a Dream of the amount of your relevant donation tax credit and agree that this is a gift of money from you to I Have a Dream.

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2. We'll sort the paperwork

We'll claim the donation tax credit on all your donations to I Have a Dream in this tax year and going forward. They'll be gifted back to I Have a Dream as an additional donation from you. You authorise and instruct us to prepare, sign and file a donation tax credit claims form with Inland Revenue for your donations to I Have a Dream, including an account for the benefit of I Have a Dream. We won't control any funds on your behalf.

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3. We'll grow your donation

With TaxGift, your gift will grow at no cost to you - you're amazing! You need to be an individual New Zealand tax resident to TaxGift - let us know if you're not or this changes.

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Note: If you have claimed your tax credit for some of the above years but not others and would like to opt in for the unclaimed years, please email TaxGift at admin@taxgift.co.nz


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